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The Thing With Feathers | Hailish | Sam Soto

August 29 @ 7:00 pm
1411 5th Ave North
NASHVILLE, TN 37208 United States
  • This event has passed.
The Thing With Feathers:
Combining elements of rock, funk, and indie, The Thing With Feathers is a band that provides a listening experience that is considered by most an anomaly. Starting as a simple garage rock outfit, founding member and Frontman David Welcsh set out to forge a different sound that was more energetic and hard hitting than what was considered the norm in the Nashville music scene. Soon the project grew, and after several different line-up changes, the core of the band was concrete after the enlisting of Bassist Sean Carroll, Guitarist Alex Hendricks, Drummer Chris Roussell, And Keyboardist Tristan “Fingers” Ferner. The band began working on developing their sound and employing different elements and genres to provide the listener with a more distinct and unique listening experience that distanced themselves from the average template. The band released their debut single “Song Of The Nighttime” on February 15th, 2019.
Sam Soto:
Sam Soto is here to spread the California love, music, and burritos. With his beachy, rock, and indie style, you’ll feel right at home with Sam Soto. “Blue Summer” is Sam’s debut album and it is set to be released in 2019. Don’t be perfect, share yourself.
Ella Fernandez and Hannah Kroh are Hailish: the dreamy, beach folk duo that seems to have materialized from the green flash as the warm summer sun dipped beneath the horizon. Their self-titled debut EP ‘Hailish’ is a cocktail of syrupy sweet harmonies, lilting instrumentals, and pure lyrics. The East Coast natives sing of western mountainscapes as if they are home, but their music makes a home of wherever it is played: be it the Rocky Mountains,  sandy beaches, or the rolling hills of Nashville.


Date: August 29
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost: $6


Venue Name: The Back Corner
Address: 1411 5th Ave North
NASHVILLE, TN 37208 United States
Phone: 6152424747


Organizer Name: Ali Grimsley
Phone: 615-242-4747

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