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the back corner was created for Story. Sometimes the Story is musical, and the beat resonates far inside. Sometimes the Story is conversational, led by the whim of curiosity and drink. And sometimes the Story is discovered, in the old cypress hulls that line the walls and in the mystery of the hands that once worked the reclaimed factory space. the back corner tells a Story that weaves past and present with things that have been around much longer than we have: music, community, taste, relationship, work. Beauty. Life is Story. Told, heard, seen, lived, and innately known. the back corner is for Storytellers.


7:00 PM - CLOSE


6:00 PM - 2:00 AM

1411 5TH AVE N. NASHVILLE, TN 37208

(615) 242-4747


Venue Information Packet

GENERAL TICKET INFO All tickets are sold via CrowdTorch | Vendini. All tickets carry a transaction fee. Please note The Back Corner does not mail tickets to purchasers. All tickets are electronic and can be downloaded to print at home via email or can be printed as hard copy tickets. Tickets purchased by phone will be available 2 hours before showtime at Will Call. Will Call ticket holders must present a valid ID and credit card used to purchase tickets. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TICKET POLICIES VARY BY THE EVENT AND ARE POSTED ON THAT EVENT PAGE. PLEASE READ THE POLICIES PRIOR TO PURCHASING YOUR TICKETS.

**Please see our social media pages for up-to-date event information**

Crowd Torch Online: Phone for Will Call Tickets: 615-821-6048 (need hours for phone ticketing)

Third Party/Resale of tickets/Name Transfers are accepted on a show by show basis. Not every show allows the resell or name transfer of the original ticket. Show restrictions may not allow you to sell or purchase someone else's tickets. Please refer to the show event page for that show's restrictions before purchasing tickets from someone other than The Back Corner as we cannot guarantee the validity of any third party purchased tickets and will not take responsibility of said tickets. The purchaser purchases from a thrid party seller at their own risk. If you are selling, or if you have purchased third party tickets, then you MUST have the following to pick up will call tickets: • A photocopy of the original purchaser’s Valid Photo ID. • The last 4 Digits of the credit card used to purchase the tickets. • A signed statement from the original purchaser saying that you have permission to pickup the tickets. An example would be, "(Your name) has permission to pickup my tickets. (Signed by Original Purchaser)." Your Valid Photo ID is a must. You cannot gain entry without your own Valid Photo ID. This is a City of Nashville law and it is enforced no matter your age.

Refunds - No Refunds are granted on ticket purchases unless the headliner cancels the show. If a show is rescheduled, refunds are NOT automatically issued as the refund policy will vary by the artist restrictions. Ticket exchanges are prohibited, No exceptions. If you are unable to attend the show and would like to sell your ticket, you may consider Craigslist, however The Back Corner will not guarantee the validity of third party ticket sales. Any duplicate tickets will be rejected at the door. Refunds for canceled shows will be issued automatically for credit card purchases. If you purchased tickets over the phone, please contact The Back Corner at 615-821-6048 or during stated operating hours for a refund with your ticket confirmation and original credit card number.

Photography/Videography Policy – The Back Corner kindly asks that you please leave all Pro-Rig and DSLR cameras at home unless you have been granted a pre-approved Media pass from the venue or artist prior to the show. Point & Shoot cameras that fit in your pocket only are allowed, No detachable lens. The Photo, Audio, & Video policy will vary by the show depending on the artist's contract restrictions. You can inquire about individual show policies via

Food & Beverage – The Back Corner offers a full bar with cocktails, wine and beer selections as well as substantial food offerings coming from the kitchen at 5th & Taylor. The bar accepts cash and all major credit cards. Please find our food menu here

Payment - Tickets, merchandise, food and beverage can be paid for using these major credit cards: Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover. No checks accepted. ATM is available nearby.

Seating – The Back Corner shows offer standing room as well as unique and comfortable reserved seating. Groups of 4 or more may reserve seating by contacting .

ADA Compliant - Absolutely. The main level and restrooms at The Back Corner are ADA accessible and ADA compliant.

(full cocktail list launching wednesday, december 20, 2016)